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Buzzz Media create effective #QuickVid ads for your social channel, 100% tailored to you.

How do you get a social media post to reach your target audience and potential new customers?

You have a ‘Quickvid’ advertisement created. These 10 second ads grab a readers attention, keeping them glued to your message and at the end, teasing them with a ‘Call to Action’. ‘Quickvid’ posts are designed to stick in the memory and to boost responses.

At Buzzz Media, we create ‘Quickvids’ that sell, inform and brand boost. Each vid is personally crafted by our creative design and marketing team, giving you a unique advert that sells you and your product.

For as little as £69.00*, you could be muscling in on the advertising breaks during ‘Love Island’, ‘Britains Got Talent’ and ‘I’m a Celeb’.

Give it a go and lets see where it will take you.

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