Don’t just sit there, let’s get prepared💜

Social media, live streams and video have become bigger than ever.

Over the last few weeks, social media has seen a spike in traffic and streaming services have had to adjust their service just to meet demand.

With everyone staying at home in a combined effort to help the NHS during these extraordinary times, your digital growth has never been as important. Everyone has the ideal opportunity to reflect, prepare and adapt their business!

Let’s get thinking

Instead of binge watching those TV Shows on the Flix, or re-watching the latest Love Island series, put your time back into your business and plan your next adventure. Now is the ideal opportunity to work on those projects you wouldn’t normally have time for. Here at Buzzz, we’re doing exactly that – taking the time to improve ourselves and come back stronger than ever before!

Here’s a few things you can do:

  • Review your marketing – is it up to scratch?
  • Does your brand need some love? ❤
  • Your main source of digital growth, your website – are there updates you can do?
  • Create more Social Media content that engages with your clients and potential clients. A QuickVid would work! 😉

Most importantly, work smart and #StaySafe

Our team are working as normal from the comfort of their home studios, keeping productivity and creativity flowing.

Get your #QuickVid

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