We are Buzzz Media! We create effective #QuickVid ads for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

At around 10 second a ‘QuickVid’ advertisement grabs a readers attention, keeping them glued to your message and at the end, teasing them with a ‘Call to Action’. 

This is good in so many ways. It’s a memorable message, keeps them interested in your page and helps your Social Media standing. Each vid is personally crafted by our creative design and marketing team, giving you a unique advert that sells both you and your product.

Posted out at your prime time, these highly effective ads will generate more interest than a written post, grabbing the attention of new and existing clients and taking you to who knows where.

Get your #QuickVid

High impact videos for your social media channels
Boost your impressions & engagements
Bespoke eye catching communication that targets your audience